Friday, March 13, 2009

Advantage of Horizontal Wind Turbine

An advantage that most HAWT have is a wind vane attached on the rotor blades which would orient the blades towards the wind, allowing thus the best angle of attack for the blades. In doing so, this would give the wind turbine the maximum amount of wind energy possible. Another advantage is the towers of HAWT are relatively taller than VAWT, which allows the blades to face much higher velocity winds in high altitude. In some places, the power output of the wind turbine could increase up to 34% every ten meters in altitude because the wind speed is increased by 20%. Taller towers wind turbine can also be placed on uneven land or in offshore sites. Some financial benefits of HAWT is that it becomes cheaper at high production volumes and larger sizes. They are also more efficient and have higher capacity factors than VAWT.

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