Friday, March 13, 2009

Wind Turbine Components

Wind turbine usually has six main components: the rotor, the gearbox, the generator, the control and protection system, the tower and the foundation. These main components can be seen in the figure below.


The rotor takes the wind and aerodynamically converts its energy into mechanical energy through a connected shaft.


The gearbox increases the rotational velocity of the shaft for the generator. In some turbines, the gearbox is not needed because the rotational velocity or the torque from the shaft high enough.


The generator is a device that produces electricity when mechanical work is given to the system.

Control and Protection System

The protection system is like a safety feature that makes sure that the turbine will not be working under dangerous condition.


The tower is the main shaft that connects rotor to the foundation. It also raises the rotor high in the air where we can find stronger winds.


The foundation or the base supports the entire wind turbine and make sure that it is well fixed onto the ground.

Wind Turbine Components

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